Hashing Contracts Made Simple

We try to keep this as simple and straight forward as possible. From the moment you pay, you start earning coins.

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Why our contracts are better then buying a mining rig.

Every time new hashing power is introduced the the network, the system makes a adjustment to the difficulty. That's why it gets harder to earn coins over time. When you buy a Instant Hashing Contract you get access to mining power that is already part of the network, so there is no resulting increase to the difficulty.

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Hashing Growth.

You have the option to have a portion of your earned coins reinvested into increasing your contract mining power at any time.

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How to get started using Bitcoins.

If your not already using Bitcoins then you will want to do your homework first. This is not the type of market you want to just jump into blindly. Your first step is to get a bitcoin wallet. Just do a quick web search for BITCOIN WALLET and you will get several options. I recommended one that does not have to download the Block chain. Now your ready to start using bitcoins, to add some to your account, you can look up an online exchange, or mine coins with Hashing power.